Staffies – Old Skool Midlands Hip-Hop

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Staffies grew up in Birmingham, UK in the mid Eighties. An early adopter of Hip-Hop culture, under the guise of Gift he was a member of the graffiti crew The Gifted Few. By the end of the decade, he’d hung up his spray can bag and was listening to guitar music. In the early Noughties he got into Folk music and started writing and releasing folk-inspired songs under his real name.

While in the studio, he rekindled his love for the music from his youth. The result is the first single under the name Staffies: ‘People’.

With Hip-Hop, Soul and Heavy Metal keyboards, and retro drum machines, it’s a two minute celebration of everyday urban British people. Your selfie-obsessed teenagers, dating app moms, gaming stoners and football lads. And that pack of kids who always look as if they’re more trouble than they really are, bless ’em.

People are interesting.

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