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Bohemian Jukebox release British Post-Folk recordings on limited-edition vinyl, environmentally-friendly CDs, and digital downloads with thematic objects.

‘As the name suggests, Bohemian Jukebox is a mix of new-folk sounds, leftfield acoustic, and the downright experimental.’

Bohemian Jukebox Origins: The Live Shows

The label took it’s name from music shows that started running in 2003 at The Bull’s Head in Moseley Village, Birmingham, England. The first night was the launch of Ben Calvert‘s debut LP The Leafy Underground. Ben claimed the night as his residency and played every event for the first few years.

We set a stage for songwriters and bands to play who didn’t fit in with indie nights. And we welcomed them to plug in and play if they wanted. Folk can be electric. The song’s the thing. Within a few years the Alternative-Folk, Post-Folk, and Weird-Folk scene had exploded.

Bohemian Jukebox at Moseley Folk Festival

From 2006 to 2012 the lovely people at Moseley Folk Festival let us curate our own stage. We collaborated with Joe Murphy’s of Blang Records and Lee Gorton’s gang to bring the best songwriters from north and south to the festival, as well as bringing fresh new Birmingham talent to the ears of festival goers.

What They’ve Said About Our Guests

“The best in folkesque sounds from all around England, and also from as far away as Sweden, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. Visitors include Toby Goodshank, (The Moldy Peaches), The Smoke Fairies, and other acts on small up and coming Indie labels.”
Fused Magazine

“John Presley don’t give two f***s for your comfort as his bluesy sex hunger charges the previously sedate audience. Rivers himself roars like a nymphomaniac Kurt Cobain, as his guitar growls with quiver inducing bass, while Thomas Henry’s primal thuds rampantly append the eroticized atmosphere.
The Fly

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